Suresh Kumar

Suresh was born in 1973 in Chennai. He completed his Bachelor's of Fine Art in painting from the Govt College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai in 1995, and his Masters of Fine Art in painting from Hyderabad Central University under Professor Laxma Goud in 1998. While doing is M.F.A, Suresh was awarded the Best Student of the Year in 1997, and was awarded the Hyderabad Art Society Scholarship in 1998. Suresh drew a lot of early inspiration from abstract impressionists including Robert Motherwell, Rothko, and Franzkline. While also citing Indian abstract masters including Raza and Laxman Shresta as people he really admires, he states his biggest personal influence as an artist, mentor, and human being is the senior artist John Tun Sien.

Suresh engages with his immediate environment during his creation process. He draws a lot of inspiration from nature, as he feels it is the source of energy for every existence of life. He says, "The synchronization between nature and me takes place only when I hold my brush, pencil or a tool to make an attempt for a piece of art. That is when I feel closest towards nature. I explore forms and colours in nature, which enrich my mind through my keen observation. What I see overwhelms me and stimulates my urge to give a form to it ( that leads to my creating a piece of art )".

Colours and how they interact are a key part of Suresh's works. Suresh believes the thing that attracts people at first sight is colour, even before form. India being a hugely diverse and colour rich nation, the colours in Suresh's paintings also represent the diversity of his country.

Suresh's body of abstract work exhibited by Outliers encapsulate his outlook in life. All his art comes from within, and the Infinite is the source of his art. Suresh's art is transcendental and a vibration of what happens within him, and, he says, "beyond the construct of the mind". As a result, the current series doesn't describe anything or signify anything, it allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the colours and forms they perceive.  

Suresh's work has been widely exhibited all over India. His work is also in important personal and institutional collections. Over the next few years, Suresh plans to travel around the world to meet other artists, and also explore new mediums and material.