We work with a group of upcoming as well as established Indian artists, to explore different styles and movements in contemporary art in India today. The works draw inspiration from a myriad of themes from present day and historical India, ranging from spirituality and temple architecture to social and political issues, in a presentation that while varied at first glance, remains Indian at heart. 

Gallery artists
Artists exhibited
  • Preeti Agrawal - A Secret Place, 2019

    Preeti Agrawal

  • Soumen Das - Around Naggar, 2020

    Soumen Das

  • Gulab Kapadiya - Untitled 1, 2019

    Gulab Kapadiya

  • Ramgopal Kumawat - Autumn Memories XXXI, 2019

    Ramgopal Kumawat

  • Kundan Mondal - Bejewelled, 2019

    Kundan Mondal